A dog's Life

We've just found our new home in Abuja, Nigeria. A small duplex in a small estate. Cosy.
Nice, clean and tidy.
We are all set for signature and are planning to move in by 1 March.
One point in our lease troubles me though : one of the clause states that' no dog, no goat, or other wild animal is allowed in the premises (…)'
That's a weird combination: dogs and goats and lions or rhinos ? Are dogs 'wild animals' for the Nigerians?
As we are planning to bring Caramel, our Golden Retriever cross Triumphant Mongrel, from Cape Town, very soon, the question needs urgent probing

Abuja is a modern, practical city with wide avenues and a few parks, it is airy and light, a pleasant place to stroll in, despite the heat.
The striking thing is that there is no dog. Not in the streets, not in the parks, not even in people's homes. I may have seen one, a few days back, kept in a leash, somewhere in the great Maitama district, but I am not so sure anymore...
A quick online search gives me food for thought: Some Nigerians believe that dog meat have a potent effect against Juju (charm) that it enhances one's sex life and immune system (both, yes) and cures Malaria.
Dog meat...
A few people I ask, confirm the information, Dog meat is popular in some parts of Abuja and in the North of the country, from Plateau and Gombe to Kaduna (check BBC News website here)
So, the same way you farm hens and rabbits, some people farm dogs...
Judgment put aside (does the world unanimously rave about frogs legs?) I am starting to wonder if it is safe for Caramel to come and stay with us in Abuja.
I finally ask our landlord to remove the 'wild animal clause', which he agrees on the condition that we keep Caramel in a cage.
A dog's life in a cage? In Abuja?
Caramel, bundle of love, Royal Loyal Friend. In a cage?
Endless arguments and discussions at home. Shall we bring Caramel here and face all sorts of dangers ? Shall we leave him in Cape Town, with our friend Nathalie and break our son's heart? We are unable to reach an agreement,
Negotiations are ongoing with our landlord.
No matter what. Caramel will not go in a cage!



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